Pre-operative Instructions

Once your surgeon’s office has scheduled you at Lewes Surgery Center, you can expect to receive the following information:

  1. Pre operative phone call

    You will receive a phone call from one of the nurses prior to your date of service to review your medical history, medications, and prepare you for surgery. Some important things to remember:

    Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your scheduled surgery date. This includes water, coffee, tea, ice chips, gum, candy, and smoking. If you have questions, call our preoperative nurse line listed below.

  2. Transportation

    If you are scheduled to receive anesthesia and/or IV sedation, it is required that you have pre-arranged transportation with a responsible adult aged 18 or older. It is required of your transportation to stay within 5 miles of the surgery center for the duration of your procedure. A recovery nurse will call your transportation to provide post procedure instructions.

  3. Billing Department

    Our billing department may call you prior to your surgery to review and verify your insurance, billing information, and inform you on any copay, coinsurance, or deductible. Please refer to our Billing tab for more information.

    1. Have questions? Please call:
      Main line: (302)644-3466
      Pre-Operative Nurse line: (302)644-6917
      Billing department: (302) 569-9913

Day of Surgery

It is imperative you arrive at your scheduled time for surgery. If you have questions or concerns regarding your arrival time, please discuss with our preoperative nurses prior to the date of service. If you believe you are going to be late, call our front desk at (302) 644-3466.

Patient checklist:

  • Dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing that will be easy to get on and off.
  • Do not wear nail polish, hair products, hairpins, or clips to your surgery.
  • You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery, please rinse and spit out the water. Do not swallow.
  • Be prepared to present your photo ID and insurance cards at check in. Other valuable items should be left at home.
  • Remove all body piercings and jewelry prior to surgery
  • Bring any rescue inhalers
  • Bring a copy of your advanced directive, power of attorney, or other legal documentation if available

After Surgery

You can expect to recover in our Post Anesthesia Care Unit until discharge. Any specific surgical discharge instructions will be reviewed and provided to your transportation. It is recommended someone stays with you for 24hrs after you are discharged.

If you are experiencing any unexpected problems call your surgeons office immediately.